Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to some of the most common questions asked about microblading and other forms of permanent makeup.

Please read the page in its entirety before booking your appointment to ensure you are a good candidate and are fully prepared before your appointment.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup where a small blade is used to create thin hair-like strokes throughout a persons brows, giving the illusion of a full, natural brow. Is it a semi-permanent procedure, with results lasting 1-3 years.

Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement, and to create the appearance of full, beautiful brows. It looks most natural on clients who have full brow hair, and are wanting to perfect their shape and add natural fullness.

This procedure is ideal for those who prefer a super natural look. If you are hoping to ditch the brow makeup entirely and fill your brows in daily, you are better suited for a combination or ombre brow.
Microblading heals best on young, normal/dry skin. Those with combination/oily are not candidates for microblading, and are better suited for a combination or ombre brows.

Does It Hurt?

Most clients report little to no pain throughout their procedure. While pain tolerance varies between clients, a topical Lidocaine is used throughout the procedure to make you comfortable. Having the procedure during your menstrual cycle may increase your sensitivity.

How Long Does It Take?

Initial sessions take 2-3 hours.
Touch up appointments take 1-2 hours.

How Long Does It Last?

Permanent makeup is designed to fade over time. Factors such as skin type, lifestyle, age, metabolism, medications, and pigment color affect the longevity of the tattoo.

The sun and some kinds of lighting (tanning beds) can affect the rate at which these pigments are broken down.

Following the given aftercare instructions is critical to getting your best healed results, and touch-up your brows every 12-18 months (as needed). Touch-ups are normal and expected for Permanent Cosmetics.

*Please note that final results vary and CANNOT be guaranteed due to the nature of skin as it heals. A follow-up appointment is recommended 6-10 weeks after your initial session where we can assess your pigment retention and perfect your permanent makeup!

How Long Does It Last?

A combination brow combines microblading strokes with machine shading. Like microblading, results typically last 1-3 years depending on your skin type.

If you have naturally sparse brow hair or uneven brow growth, a combination brow is perfect for you! Soft shading blends out any unevenness in the growth and can give a more 3D result. It is also idea for those looking for a more defined or filled in brow. We can add as much or as little shading to give a variety of different looks!

This is a beautiful look for all skin types (including oily/aging skin), and heals very soft and beautiful.

What Is An Ombre Brow?

Unlike microblading or a combination brow, and ombre brow (also known as a powder brow) has no hair strokes and is made up entirely of machine shading. It is ideal for all skin types.

Like the other brow styles, an ombre brow is semi-permanent and will fade over time. However, this style typically lasts the longest, creates the least amount of trauma, and fades the best over time!

Ombre brows may look intense at first, but the results heal to a soft, powdery finish. If you fill in your brows every day and want the least amount of maintenance, ombré powder brows is for you.

Am I A Candidate?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup. I want each of my clients to get the absolute best results possible, and not every skin type accommodates that. The following list disqualify you from currently receiving permanent makeup.

You are not a candidate if you are…

pregnant or breastfeeding

currently using or have been on Accutane within the last 12 months

have a freshly tanned/sunburned face

experiencing Rosacea flare up

are taking blood thinning medications (may still be a candidate for ombre brows)

are currently undergoing treatment for cancer

receiving Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment (within last 12 months)

have diabetes

have dermatitis in the eyebrow area

have severe, active acne


Book An Appointment

We offer Online Booking through our app via the Appointments page. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your appointment.

What Factors Will Effect My Results?

Oily Skin: Increased oil production can cause hair strokes to blur and fade very quickly, or not stick at all. If you have combination or oily skin, you are a candidate for a combination or ombre brows, but not for microblading.
Sun Exposure: Increased exposure to the sun will cause premature fading.

Excessive Bleeding: Excessive bleeding during your procedure will greatly affect how your body retains pigment. Pinpoint bleeding throughout the procedure is normal, but excessive bleeding causes pigment to fade very quickly and heal ashy. While bleeding is not entirely in our control, it is important that you follow before care instructions to help minimize bleeding. This includes avoiding blood thinning medications and alcohol 24 hours before your procedure.

I’ve Had My Brows Done Before, Will You Do Them?

I require that anyone who has had their brows done previously by another artist text me a picture before booking an appointment.

I typically only go over other artists work if it’s at least 85-90% faded, and all new clients to me are considered initial sessions.

We do offer touch up on other artist’s work.

Do I Need A Touch Up Appointment?

Yes! PMU is a two-step process, and a touch up is strongly recommended to get the best results. Also known as the “perfecting session”, a touch up is done 4-6 weeks after your initial session, and is where we assess your retention, perfect the shape and color, and add more dimension.

Touch ups are very important and add to the overall results and longevity of your PMU.

Touch ups are not included in the initial pricing and they vary depending on how long has passed by after your initial session.

Do I Need A Consultation Before Receiving Permanent Cosmetics?

Consultations are not required.

15 min consultations are available for a $50 dollar fee that goes towards your procedure if you decide to go forward with it.

Consultations require a previous appointment, we do not take walk-ins.

If you have a specific question or concern, or if you are unsure of what appointment to book you are welcome to texts us prior to your appointment. I book extra time for each appointment to make sure we go over all your questions and concerns beforehand.

If you are in need of correction work or have had your brows tattooed elsewhere, please text me current photos before booking.

What Can I Expect Immediately After My Appointment?

Over the first few hours, the pigment in the skin will oxidize, making the brows look darker and warmer (red) than they were initially. This is normal and expected. Pigment typically fades anywhere from 20-40% once fully healed.

Around day 3-4, you may notice light scabbing and flaking on the treated area. This is normal! Please refrain from picking at the brows. Doing so will result in loss of pigment in those areas and can cause scarring. Brows may appear spotty or patchy until the entire brow has finished healing. Once all the flaking is complete (usually around day 10), the brows will appear much lighter. The pigment will darken over the next 4-6 weeks and the pigment will return to the skin in it healed color.

At 4-6 weeks, your brows will be fully healed. Whatever pigment that does not return will be addressed at your touch up appointment. At this appointment, we will asses your retention, touch up the spots that didn’t stick, and can adjust the pigment color to give you perfect brows! Once the brows have healed from your touch up appointment, you will have beautiful, full brows for 12-36 months!

Following the given aftercare is crucial to obtain the best results! All clients are expected to follow the following instructions exactly to get the best healed results! All products needed for your aftercare will be provided to you at your appointment.

What Do I Need To Do Prior To My Appointment?

We’ve made a whole section about this topic since it’s so important. See below and contact us if you need more explanation.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Preparing for your appointment is just as important for good healed results as post care. Failure to follow pre-care may result in you being sent home the day of your appointment, so please read the following carefully! Coming prepared to your appointment means better healed results and a better overall experience.

Two Weeks Before

BOTOX: If you regularly get Botox or Dysport, it must be done at least 14 days prior to your appointment. It takes at least that long to settle in the skin. Receiving it withing 14 days of your appointment will result in being sent home and asked to reschedule.

Waxing/Threading: I recommend coming to your appointment with your brows grown out, no need to have them cleaned up before! I prefer to see how they grow naturally, and will clean them up for you at your appointment. If you need to clean them up beforehand, please do so at least 2 weeks before your appointment. If you tint your brows, please do so at least 7 days prior.

Retin-A: Please refrain from using any Retin-A products in the brow area for two weeks leading up to your appointment.

24 Hours Before

To minimize bleeding during the procedure, please avoid any alcohol and excessive caffeine. Blood thinning medications such as Ibuprofen and Advil should also be avoided unless prescribed by a doctor.

Day Of Your Appointment

Avoid exercise. Exercising increases blood flow and will cause excessive bleeding, leading to poor healed results.

Makeup: You are welcome to come to your appointment with or without makeup on. We will be taking lots of photos, so come however you are most comfortable. If you regularly fill in your brows, coming with at least your brows filled in helps me see your regular shape.

Do not drink caffeine or alcohol on the day of the appointment.
Do not bring company to your appointment, only staff is allowed in our procedure room.